Saturday, May 26, 2012

I hope you don't get sick of this!

The orchids in our living room.


My old Art Deco server - still love it after 20 years.

Ever since we moved in Lee has had this idea to do a table of orchids. He really likes something alive and beautiful in the apartment. Who would argue? His idea coincided with a table of Cymbidium orchids in old dusty clay pots I saw at Gamberaia in Italy. They knocked my socks off so I had the same idea. So, today, we went in search of a way to display the orchids and to actually buy the orchids. That was easy. I would love to tell you I went to the cool orchid farm in Plymouth, but they are about $75 per orchid there and since I needed 6 - 7 that was just too much. So, when I was at Bachman's buying a plant for my father's gravesite, I picked up a couple nice orchids and some pots. We also found the "base" for the Carrara marble table top we already had - a couple of actually cheesy when you look too close tall tables made of metal and wood - and made in China - ugh! But they worked with the Cararra once I took off the wood tops. And they cost all of $29 each. Thank god for that cheap Chinese labor.
Then, Lee and I were at Lunds picking up groceries and they had 3 Cymbidiums which really are my very favorite orchid - kind of like daylilies with orchids for flowers - they have a lot of green and take up space, which is nice when you need to fill a lot of it. And the ones with blooms were only $14.99 at Lunds.

We went home. I repotted a few orchids. We put the table together and set out the orchids and .... what do you know .... we realized a vision.

I moved a few more things in the Living I really need my daybed from NY. I unpacked a few more boxes. And here are a couple of new images from the work we did today.

Tonight...all Boston vs. Philly for Lee. I am off to take a bath in my beautiful Empire bathtub after which I will bake up some Lucia's chocolate chip cookies and eat them while they are warm.

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