Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Christian Liaigre's Latest Home in Paris

Swoon. That's all I can do when I see this place. It expresses that exquisite balance of feminine and masculine, which is my favorite kind of room. I get really sick of uber femme rooms! Obvious a chick did them. If a man lives in the home, it needs to be a balance.

So here it is...it is my new inspiration for our Living Room - I have been all over the map, but now know this is right. I know...in my dreams, but you gotta dream.

Dining / Hallway

Living Room / Salon

Another view of the Living Room / Salon

Closet. Really.

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  1. Such a classic elegant place, I see why you love it..what's not to love! Do you have a comment on tile that looks like hand scraped wood planks? I haven't seen anyone use it. I am considering it for a bathroom floor laid in a herringbone pattern. Thanks for your thoughts. Karen