Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day - a fresh start

I woke up on Sept 1 and felt like I couldn't be happier. Fall is a metaphor for starting something new. (Yeh, yeh, I know that is supposed to be Spring and rebirth and all that, but for me, fall is when I get to start a new year. Maybe because my birthday is late August so I am literally starting a new year.) This morning I began with Yoga at ONE YOGA at 9;30, it was the biggest class I've ever experienced here - over 50 people hoping to make a new start as the season changes. Most of us are part of the September Challenge at ONE YOGA, challenging us to make yoga a more conscious part of our life and see what benefits that brings. My personal goal is simply this - to bring a little more balance to my life.

I'm having to overcome my familial chant, "Work first, play later..." but of course, in my family, we didn't very often get to the play. There was always a drawer of nuts and bolts that could be organized, for god's sake.

Anyway, so I am looking for balance and starting with taking better care of myself and not always choosing to spend that extra hour or two at my desk. Sometimes its just mind-numbingly unproductive anyway.

Speaking of taking better care of myself....I haven't mentioned the spectacular gift I got from Lee for my birthday. Here is a photo of the Santa Maria Novella Breast Cream. Lest you think "what a silly gift!" use your imaginations, girlfriends.

First, I think just about the most delicious products on the planet are from Santa Maria Novella in Florence. They have been made for over 700 years, since 1221, originally by the monks living at the cloisters of Santa Maria Novella, where they gardened herbs as medicinal remedies. Over time, they developed the most exotic, divine (not a pun!) products for personal care and for the home. They are a small fortune, but MUCH cheaper when you buy them in Florence at the shop than when you buy them online in the US. Not sure why, but almost makes for a riveting excuse to got to Florence.

"Honey, really....I can't afford the SMN products here in the US. I have to go to Florence to pick up a few things."

Anyway....should you be inspired, here are my favorites:

Body Milk. It seems to have silk ball bearings in it.

My personal favorite. I swear it has helped my neck not be so saggy and turkey-ish.

Just the best for kissing.

Have a good Labor Day - and use it to hit the reset button!


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  1. This was one of my favorite places we went in Florence. So beautiful.