Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday at the Stevens

Football is back. Here is my dirty little secret. I love football season because it means that every Sunday I have the afternoon to myself. Life with Lee is either feast or famine. We lived apart for 5 years (he in LA and NY while I stayed in MSP as my permanent home.) Now, the last two years we are here in MSP together while he has been working from home - in the same office!

So, having a little time to myself blisses me out!

Here's Lee with his football set up at 510 (we can't get Direct TV here so he's had to rig his own system.) This is so he can watch multiple games at one time. Seriously.

Me...I'm puttering in the apartment. Here is what the Living Room looks like these days. Looking for a beautiful, traditional vintage chandelier for the ceiling.

Happy Football Sunday!


  1. Your apt is looking fab! Love that building. Have you met the Bretzke's yet?

  2. We have! They are fantastic and may have the most beautiful apartment in the city (Andrew Flesher at his best!) Wonderful to hear from you!