Sunday, September 23, 2012

Save the Date!

Lee is back in the saddle again with some new events this fall - one of which I was lassoed into participating! Honestly, we just kind of noodled on these ideas for a few months, spent our time in Florence hearing about the grand history of conversation and thought it would be wonderful to revive the practice! That is how "Conversations on Calhoun" came about.

Here is the short version:

We will begin on Friday, Nov 9 - 7 - 9 - and see how this g(r)oes!
St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church
on Lake Calhoun (East side of lake with the lovely gold dome)

The first topic will be Joseph Campbell's work - THE POWER OF MYTH, and the legendary interview with Bill Moyers. We'll watch 1 hour of interview, then spend the rest of the evening in conversation - over wine and light food. We hope you'll join - it is open to the public. Donations only.

Here's my pitch:

PSSSSSST! Save the date!

Cool people. Learning cool things. Together.
And then, talking about it.

Conversations on Calhoun

Lee and Alecia Stevens

In pursuit of good conversation…save these dates.

First Fridays November – March

For more information:

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