Saturday, November 14, 2009

Genius Loci: David Coggins' Studio - Minneapolis

All photos by John Reed Forsman (

A couple of years ago, Lee and I met and befriended David and Wendy Coggins. I wish I could say we have spent more time with them - they are smart, charming and interesting and have the most wonderful dog! We spent a memorable weekend with them at their cabin in Wisconsin; it was almost sensory overload - the visuals, the food, the wine, the conversation. It was merely fabulous. They both have the most artistic, generous spirits. They live well, eat well, and entertain well. Alas, our ships seem to keep passing in the night. When Lee is in Minneapolis (summer) they are at their cabin hanging out with the dragonflys and their old wooden motor boat.

After seeing David's studio in an old warehouse near the river in Minneapolis, which is an amalgam of both their influences, I thought to myself, this may be the most beautiful place I have seen in Minneapolis. Especially at night when Wendy has waved her magic wand and the place is shimmering in candlelight, filled with exotic flowers and tables of food. By day, it is filled with David's art - both completed and works in progress - beautiful nature drawings and photo collages from his travels, upon which he paints.

It is not "done" or even livable, really. There is no kitchen or bathroom (except down the hall.) There is probably a place to curl up for the night on a sofa. But, it was certainly the most personal and authentic place I have seen here and, if not the most beautiful, then the most enchanting. I called my friend, photographer John Reed Forsman, about it. I knew he would appreciate it. We noodled on the idea of shooting it and sending it to World of Interiors and thought, even if it never made to print, we would enjoy spending a day in the space, capturing the spirit of the place. So we did. Here are a few of John's inspired images. (It was the first photo shoot I have done without a contract, for no pay - for the art without an art director breathing down our necks - and it was really fun to just use our eyes instead of a shot list!) And it was a peek into some future - this is the kind of place I want to spend my time.

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  1. Hi nice to see your blog and read specifically about one of my favorite places...Best Brad