Sunday, May 19, 2013

New York, New York

The newly graffiti painted entry to the apartment where I stayed near Union Square.

Matta at ABC

2nd Floor displays under construction at ABC

The always divine 3rd floor bedding department.

New department on the mezzanine - alternative clothing - fantastic!

Includes a rack of vintage. 

(Note: I wrote this last Monday, but didn't have wifi connection in NY on my computer, which I've decided is a computer problem and which, I have decided I really don't want to deal with! In the end, I had an amazing week - shopping for clients is the most deliciously rich antique shops, dining with friends and Alexander and his darling roomies and walking, walking and walking!)

I’m almost always happy traveling – especially to those few places that mean so much to me. New York is one of those places. I come for work and to put some gas in the idea machine. I don’t think a day goes by here that I am not inspired.

This trip is especially interesting because I am staying with a friend / colleague of Lee’s from his NY teaching days. Lucy was Lee’s mentor and they had an amazing, respectful relationship. He was so lucky to have her. Now, she has opened her incredible loft to me for the week. A loft she and her husband bought in the 1970’s. There is a photo on the wall of the people who must have first bought the building or co-opted it. They are a bunch of very good-looking hippies. And, clearly brilliant to have held on to it for 30+ years.

On 18th Street, near Union Square, I am one block from ABC Carpet and Home – which, by default, means I am one block from ABC Kitchen. Now, both of these establishments are trouble. The restaurant happens to be my favorite in the city. The shop is, well….ABC. I mean what else can you say. It is the icon. There would be no Anthropologie or Restoration Hardware without ABC. So, when I’m here, I go to look at whatever they show me.

I have to say there wasn’t much new today – the best new thing was a new clothing studio on the mezzanine above the restaurant. But the best of all is the food. For lunch I had a tuna sashimi and I will go every single day I am here and repeat it, I think. I also had pea soup with giant crusty homemade croutons. Finished with a perfect cappuccino. Together, it was memorable – and this was just lunch!

The rest of the afternoon, I shopped ABC for clients – snapping photos like paparazzi shooting another sad young thing in a bad situation. It was a success!

Now, I’m chilling = alone in this grand place with wine, bread and olive oil and couldn’t be happier.
One of the vendors at the Union Square Greenmarket - open several days a week. The whole thing felt like a European piazza. Happy!!!!!

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