Thursday, May 9, 2013

To Keep this Going...

I have to admit, I may have hit my threshold. There is little that shocks me relative to prices for fine things. But I found (online) what appears to be a gorgeous knob on the Nanz website. I am looking for something for a project I am working on - for a set of built in chests. This is an elegant project and something a little grand seemed right.

A GORGEOUS knob from Nanz.
About 2" diameter. Such a great size!

I love these knobs! So Edwardian! Aren't they amazing? 

So I called Nanz to find out the price. Well, after assigning me a salesperson and getting more information on the project (Name, location, etc, really meaning they are checking things out to see if I'm really a designer or just  an end user asking for wholesale pricing) someone emailed me - with a lovely tone in her note about the knob. It is $510 per knob. Should I want the monogram, which of course I do! it is additional.

Now, I love this knob. But even I couldn't tell a client, even a wealthy client, that I even imagine they might want to spend $510 + probably another $100 on monogramming PER KNOB. The two chests for which I need the knobs....20 of them!  20 x $600 = $12,000 for knobs for two sets of drawers. I'm really not saying it is wrong to buy it, of course! But I probably don't have a client who would see the value. I'm going to NY next week and stop in Nanz and see what they look like in person. Maybe I'll change my tune!

Threshold. That's all I have to say. But, they aren't made in China, I know that for sure!

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