Saturday, May 4, 2013

That time of life?

This has been an eery week. I have heard about no less than four deaths that are only one or two degrees of separation from me. My dear daughter Isabelle's boss, Miss Jean, passed away this week after hearing only 2 weeks ago she had terminal cancer. It's been a hard two weeks for all the people that loved and worked with her. And although I never had the privilege to meet Miss Jean, she was, I think, a surrogate mother to Izzy in Charleston. She so saw Izzy's talent and celebrated it - I can't thank her enough for how she took to my daughter and helped her soar in a new place. And she did it with such style and humor, apparently. Isabelle, a Cancer who presents the hard outer shell of the crab to the world, has a very soft core and is understandably deeply saddened. That was the first of the list.

I heard yesterday that a friend of mine lost her lovely 90-something step dad - I only met Bob once, but recall that on that day, he told Lee and me of playing a round of golf - and he was in his 90's then. He was charming and genteel and someone from a different time. It made me wish times hadn't changed so much. I am thinking of Lucy and her family today.

I heard last night at the La Belle Vie bar from neighbors that the mother of one of another neighbor at 510 had passed away this week. I don't know either of them really - other than to say hello when picking up mail - but heard that the deceased woman had quite an extraordinary life, having been the first woman counsel for 3M and never having lost a case. She put herself through law school and got her degree at 50 after being widowed. Can you imagine how courageous she was to take that on in those times? She died at 86, so must have been born in the late 1920s. And I think that life is daunting sometimes?!

On the same day that Izzy got word that Miss Jean had passed, a colleague at her work got word of her mother's sudden death that same day! A nurse from the hospital came to their workplace to find her and tell her and she naturally collapse in grief. This, just after hearing about her dear friend Jean.

It seems not to stop - and, as a friend pointed out, we are at that time of life...when loved ones, especially parents begin to pass. It really does feel like death it is creeping closer.

Between the deaths and the weather, its really been quite a week.On that upbeat note.....I'll go shovel the sidewalk.

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