Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happiness and Morality in a Cup

So excited to see!

Lee has recently taken to drinking espresso, especially after a meal. That's easy enough when you are out to dinner, but we only had regular sized cups that we used for our daily cappuccini. It's perfectly wonderful...but sometimes you just want a straight shot of espresso. Like at 3:00 in the afternoon or after dinner.

So I did a little research and found some cups that seemed right. Got them today and couldn't be happier with them!

First, they are made in France - in a family-owned factory that has been making restaurant porcelain since the 19th Century. Why am I sooooo very happy about this? That they don't say "Made in China" on the bottom. I know I paid at least 4 x more for these cups, but I sooooo don't care. They are soooo much nicer than anything "Made in China". Super thick, stackable - just awesome. 

I am really trying to avoid cheap things. I spend my days convincing a client that the $400 per yard Fortuny or Loro Piana silk velvet is worth the expense - that it will create an experience in their lives that justifies the cost. Or the custom sofa with down cushions and horsehair stuffing instead of a FOAM  fortress?

If I schelp to you know where when it is time to buy my espresso cups, what does that say about how I value craft and quality? 

It's not an easy thing. At the point of sale, it is painful to part with the cash. We've come to want more, not less. But, I just don't want to support cheap labor, poor quality and disposable product.

Think about the next time you have $100 to spend. How will you do it?||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Feature_Recipe_Rule-_-

Better than I thought. From Williams Sonoma - French espresso cups
Apilco - made in France by the same family since 1826

With a small kitchen and limited storage, I love how they stack!

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