Sunday, May 12, 2013

Travel Alone

There is an article in the NY Times today about the pleasure of solo travel. Well, tomorrow I am going to NYC alone for the first time in years! Don't get me wrong. I ADORE traveling with Lee. NEW YORK AND LEE are kind of one to me. 

But, alas, Lee has lots to do here in MSP and I have lots to do in NYC, so off I go. Even my son, who lives in NY is away at a conference until Wed night. What I most love about NY is the way you can disappear in the city, be whomever you want (i.e. dress like a fool or not) and be voyeur at the same time. 

I love love love the people watching, the fashion watching, the food tasting, the museum strolling. I can't wait. And I'm feeling especially lucky to be staying with a lovely woman who had the wits to buy a loft in the Union Square area in the 1970's. I can't wait to hear the hippie stories. You can only imagine Patti Smith and what's his name hanging nearby (because they actually did live about 2 blocks away at 1 Fifth Avenue.) 

Besides I will be only 4 blocks from ABC Carpet and Home. I'm all set. Here's where I'll be staying. 
Cheers, all. Have a great week!

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