Sunday, October 23, 2011

How does this work?

Jessie and Zan in our apartment this past summer. Just arrived from two years in
Houston TX with Teach for America.
 This is Jessie's first winter EVER north of the Mason Dixon line.

Lee and I took a later than usual flight to NY on Friday afternoon to spend a week here tidying up the apartment, doing some shopping for clients, seeing friends, seeing art and hoping for an evening with my son, Zan, and his girlfriend, Jessie. We caught a 3:15 flight out of MSP to La Guardia. I texted Zan and Izzy - as I always do - fearing that it may be my last communication with them forever....nutty as I have been about flying in the past and not wanting to challenge the travel gods.

I knew that Zan and Jessie were going to Florida for a friend's wedding for the weekend, so we were planning to check in about getting together one night this week. Both new teachers in a tough public school in Brooklyn, they have unbelievably long days (rising at 5 a.m. every day and prepping every school night for the next one), it is hard to find time to get together during the week. But, we are happy to head to Brooklyn to make it easy on them  - and fun for us!

I thought about them as we were just coming in over the water at LaGuardia - that sweetness you feel for even your grown children, knowing how hard it is to make it in the world, but so touched that they are giving it their best shot. I actually thought about seeing them at the airport. But, they live closer to JFK, so of course that is where they would fly out of - my logic told me.

We land right on time, get off the plane and are noticing the new "bar" near the gates where we arrive from Minneapolis - kind of cool - snacks, drinks. "This reminds me of something you'd see in Amsterdam," Lee says.

"I get it," I agreed and turned around to see it again.

Just at that moment, Lee started back toward the gate. He'd heard his name. I suddenly heard a kind of happy roar from him. There he was giving Alexander a big hug with Jessie standing by sort of on her toes in glee. I could hardly get words out without tripping over them. There I was on my toes, too. (Which I need to be to hug my 6'1" son.) Jessie and I did that stupid squealing thing, but who cares? I was so happy to see them.

In a city of 9 million - how does this work that you run into your kid? Just the one you wanted to see at that moment? How is it that their gate is the one next to our? How are they boarding as we are arriving? Without talking about any of it in advance?

Such a happy example of Dr. Jung's synchronicity and intuition. The rest of the weekend has kind of followed suit.

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