Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'd Like to Introduce You

My friends Nick and Wendy Brown have, with impressive thoughtfulness, now published their new blog "Brown Ink" (that is CO - not COM.) It is a blog that celebrates the hand-written word. I know from personal experience that Wendy practices what she preaches: always writing a thank you, sending hand-written invitations and sending a birthday card by post! 

I just read the first two posts on her blog and got that lovely slightly watery feeling in my eyes and warm fullness in my heart. (I see that Nick has posted overnight now.) It just seemed so right to read something longer than a TWEET! It is a brave thing to celebrate the patience it takes to put your thoughts in writing, to have a thought longer than 140  characters. It is courageous to admit that the short form online "journal" is not the same thing as the diary at your bedside, and, as such, it is not her thing. It's not mine, either.  Not wanting to create a regret, both of us strive to those Virgo values of caution and authenticity, creating home, warmth and a sense of place and relationship for those we love. (Our birthdays are one day apart.)

It is sometimes terrifying to write without a place in an agent's queue, without a publisher for the novel or the manuscript. It is just you and your heart on display. I adore you, Wendy Brown, and cheers to your new adventure!


  1. mom- you need to learn how to link on your blog.

  2. Thanks for looking out for me Izzy. A, such kind words. xo W