Sunday, October 30, 2011

New York Moments: Week of 10/24/11

Ralph Pucci with guest - artists against back wall after a photo op.

Lee and Andrew Flesher - tucked behind the mobiles.

Carpeting in a Park Avenue apartment I visited this week. Channeling Diana Vreeland - so awesome!

The single piece I covet from this trip. Daybed from the fabulous antique shop DEMIURGE, the lastest incarnation of Amy Perlin's work. After Amy's sudden death last year,  her niece took over the 4th floor space in the Interior Design Building and EDITED Amy's collection beautifully - and surely added her own touch.

Cabinet seen at DEMIURGE

Table and vase of greens - always inspiring for me

Well, it's hard to top running smack into Paul McCartney whistling on Madison Avenue. But, life must go on and we did have yet another great week in NYC, though it went too fast. I didn't get either to Central Park or the Metropolitan - which seems shameful. I did work and saw wonderful things and new ideas for clients. We ate out several times on this trip, attacked the problem of mice in the apartment, found the missing linen pillowcases which had me ranting for a day and saw friends and children.

A highlight was joining Andrew Flesher and Anna Hillegass at the opening of a new art exhibit at Ralph Pucci. I didn't even know what we were going to, but just tell me Ralph Pucci is throwing a little shindig and I'm there. He's such a chic, smart "older man". Not a 30-something mover and shaker, which I am getting sort of tired of these days. He's just the king of taste in New York. He does art and he represents furniture lines and his furniture collections are just phenomenal - Ecart, Paul Mathieu, Andree Putnam, Vladimir Kagan, Jens Risom.....on and on. And, then he makes the mannequins that are so amazing. He's got his hands in a lot of pots and has the most beautiful light-filled warehouse on West 18th filled with all these disparate, but somehow connected collections.

Lee pointed out that he thought his suit was gorgeous (navy and white pinstripe with white shirt and strong solid red tie - very custom Italian looking. But, why was he wearing brown suede shoes? Seemed too casual for the suit. My response.....I don't know, but if Ralph is doing it, it's worth considering the idea.

So, here are some scenes from the week in New York. It was beautiful, autumnal, golden and sun-shiney. New York in the fall is sublime.

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