Sunday, October 23, 2011

Star Siting in NY

Sir Paul McCartney and his new bride. Getty Images
I was out this afternoon around 4:30, lounging at my favorite and maybe the most expensive book shop in the country on Madison between 81 and 82 (Doyle Books - this is another post.) I got a text from Lee, "Honey, if you can get some tonic, that would be great." I purchase 2 books and the new 2012 Zagat for New York. I hike north up Madison to the nearest grocery, stop at Jonathan Adler on the way for a client. Buy the tonic, milk for cappucino. Heading south home, my bags are heavy - filled with hardback books, milk and bottles of tonic.

It is a perfect late October afternoon. The sun is low. The temperature is just right for a sweater or a light jacket, boots, a scarf. I love looking at New Yorkers. I love to see how they dress, how they speak (and then realize the best dressed are often European AFTER I hear them speak!)  Somewhere near 82nd, I saw and knew immediately - Paul McCartney and his new wife. Well, I wanted to text someone the news, but thought I'd turn around first and check them out after we passed each other.

Well, he was whistling! That was cute. He is still darling. But, I have to say, their jeans were not good! They were both wearing jeans. He wore a navy blazer with his (with gold buttons, maybe?)

From the back, it was not a winner! I'm just saying...not judging really. BOTH of them had jeans that were WAAAAAY too washed out! She was bird-leg thin! Tall and thin. Not in a good way, necessarily. But she is quite pretty! He had too baggy, white=washed jeans! Ladies, this is a warning! Don't let your husbands go out in jeans that are too bleached and toooooo loose in the tush!

I came home and told Lee all about it. I said, "Honey, I would take your tush any day over Paul McCartney's. But, I would happily take his bank account." He couldn't disagree!

BTW- she was holding his arm and they looked quite happy with some shopping bag in hand. Can you imagine being Paul McCartney????

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