Monday, April 15, 2013

Charleston: Day 3

(First, I'm running very behind with my posts because the internet here is also running behind - got that sloooooow Southern thing goin'.)

After a come-to-Jesus meeting with Izzy about being over-scheduled, we had a really nice day. Just hung out with Tami in the morning sitting on the porch (really a true veranda - roofed, open gallery or porch.) Lee, Izzy and took a spin up King Street to one of her favorite spots for an inexpensive but healthy lunch - Dell'z Deli, where they make up hearty wraps. Around the corner they own a juice bar. I was in the mood for that and the woman who worked there couldn't have been more enthusiastic about making my Green Juice of the Day with whatever is the fresh green veggies that day.

Dell'z at King and Canon - the juice bar.
Dell'z Deli - "Vegetarians and Vegans Welcome" on the door.

With way more food than we could eat, we headed to Magnolia Cemetery for a walk. In all the years I lived in Charleston, I never went to Magnolia Cemetery! It was beautiful, silent, old, reverent.

Magnolia Cemetery

A pyramid mausoleum at Magnolia.

The bowing tree.

A quick trip to King Street, Izzy wanted to show us a favorite shop, Sneaker. Even my friend, Tami, who knows everything and works on King Street hadn't heard about this spot that opened last fall. The premise is high end sneakers with a few other fabulous lines mostly from Italy. The men (can I say 'guys' because that is what they were to me) were darling - probably about 30 - had these lovely manners but looked the most unlikely shop keepers in their tatoos, sleeveless tanks, shorts, blah, blah, blah. But they (or one of them) had the insight to see the jewel of a building, renovated it, added a courtyard and has created this hip little spot.  Here are some images and a link to their facebook. (They don't have a website and thinking they are so of the next generation that facebook is it - no web page! )

The path between buildings to their shop and garden.

The men's shoe display.

The shop keepers in this great renovated kitchen house. You just WANTED to do business with these guys!

Beautiful Italian shoes - leather lined - like slippers!

 For dinner, Izzy had plans to go to one of her two favorite restaurants: Lucca Charleston in a charming out of the way neighborhood, Elliotborough. Izzy's friend, Wilton, joined us. The meal and service were everything we'd imagined!

Pureed cauliflower with egg. Remarkable.

Izzy and Wilton

To keep us going on the Izzy train.

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  1. Hey!! I was just wondering how your trip was going. So fun to peek in here! Look at you all in your shorts. I'm glad your plane at least took off!! Kisses to you all.