Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day to Myself in Charleston

It is so luxuriously warm and moist and lush here. Lee is flying back to the tundra today and I have two more glorious days! Spent the morning writing at the Charleston Society Library, a wonderful old library - I think it may have the distinction of being the oldest in America, but not sure about that.

Wanted to share some photos from 3rd Sunday in Charleston - they close down King Street and people from the burbs and islands and even Minneapolis come out of the walls and do something akin to a promenade, showing off some crazy ass ideas of fashion, their dogs and their babies. Tami thinks it's all a little bit honky-tonk and, as it reminded me of a more interesting version of our state fair (interesting only by nature of it being not Minnesota, I suppose) I think she's probably right that once is enough.

Pretty cute group of girls playing Irish fiddle though! And lots of fun at Jlinsnider trying on vintage clothes with Izzy and Wilton.

My new favorite shoe store on King!

Christophe's - gorgeous, gorgeous chocolates! And French Press coffee.

The cuties playing Irish fiddle on King Street!

Izzy and Wilton going retro. Yep, Wilton bought the shirt.
He's wearing it for  a Herbie Hancock show he's playing in a couple weeks!

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