Monday, April 8, 2013

Chas-town, here we come!

Lee and I have not taken a vacation in one year. Okay...I know some people say that is normal. High maintenance that I am, one vacation a year is not enough to maintain my health and sanity. I was once told by a psychiatrist that couples need to take at least a long weekend once each quarter (4 times a year) to decompress and reconnect. So this has been my mandate but I have failed miserably this year.

That dumb job that I had sort of hood-winked me into thinking that I was indispensible and couldn't possibly take a vacation. Guess what? It's just a house. No one is bleeding. One long weekend or one week is not going to change the outcome. So I'm over it. I'm now back to restorative holidays.

And this week...the winner is.....CHARLESTON, SC! My second favorite place in the country. (New York is first.) I lived there for 8 years in my late 20's and early 30's and have the most luscious memories. I might be easily convinced to move back under just the right circumstances. I honestly think that life in Charleston is just about as good as it gets. Lovely weather - with a slightly too hot and humid  summer - but, hey - go to the mountains! Our winter sucks and we deal with it. You just have to deal with a Charleston summer. But then, there are 8 months of bliss. And the beauty - the architecture, the reverence for history, the FOOD CULTURE, the walking, the ocean, the shrimp, the Spanish moss on the trees out on the islands, oh, my god....I can't wait to go.

My daughter Isabelle lives there now and we have maintained a beautiful friendship over the years with Frank and Tami McCann. (They met us in Florence last year.) They may have the most perfect home and carriage house and garden I've ever seen and I am a harsh judge. I'll get some snaps this week and you can see for yourself! We will stay in the carriage house.

Izzy is quite excited we are coming. I dropped her off to live there in August of 2011 and haven't been back since. She's found her way in the Holy City (so-named because the steeples are the tallest of the buildings by law  - very old European) and has created this insane itinerary for our visit that I must share with you here. (Party planning is her job!) God bless her. She's so awesome. We are going to have one good time! Included in the plans is a day for House and Garden Tours and a trip to Savannah.
Lee will mostly be golfing, then meeting us in the evening for drinks and dinner.

Stay posted because I will have lots of beautiful photos - you can't beat Charleston in Spring!

I have to share this ITINERARY FROM ISABELLE. Just got it today. So darn funny and so Izzy:

 Banh Mi or Hominy Grill with Lee 

Wednesday Night
Jazz at GrowFood Carolina 
Dinner at Tattooed Moose or Royal
Drinks at Royal American 
Greatful Dead Wednesday & Dinner at The Lot 

Thursday Night
Cocktails & Hors D’oeuvres at Tami & Frank’s 
Sophia Institute Speech 
Charcuterie & Drinks @ Belmont - Seafood @ Ordinary or BYOB Dinner at Butcher & Bee 

Friday Day/Night
Nails Done 
Walk around Downtown
Dinner at The Wreck - Ordinary - Macintosh? 
Drinks & Dessert at Belmont 
8pm Live Jazz at The Mezz

House Tours?

Magnolia Cemetery?
Tomato Shed Cafe Lunch 
Folly Beach?  Rent bikes?

Fun things outside. 
Drinks at Elliotburough Mini Bar 
Dinner at Lucca 

Walk around Second Sunday - Shopping 
Gin Joint Brunch? 
River Dogs Outdoor Baseball Game - 5:00pm

Broad Street House & Garden Tour 2:00pm 
Dinner 6pm FIG with Tami & Frank 


Savannah Day Trip 

Stay tuned!

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