Friday, April 12, 2013

First Look at Charleston

First, I have to say, that when you realize that Spring is only three hours away from Minnesota - you really do have to ask yourself why (other than time or money, okay) do we not make it a habit to seek it out during this godforsaken time of year? This first image I took while at the gate, at MSP Airport looking at the plane I am about to board in this April blizzard. Tell me, does this inspire confidence? When I have just watched the captain walk around the entire plane, look into the engines and under the wings? What is he looking for? He's in short sleeves. It is 28 degrees and snowing like hell.

After missing my connection in Atlanta because we spent 1 hour de-icing the plane (the idea of which struck my Charleston friends with awe and terror) I made it just in time to jump into the itinerary Izzy had for us. First stop, Izzy dropped me at Frank and Tami's and this glorious garden and my sun-kissed golfing fool of a husband welcomed me.

 19th Century Garden at 56 Society Street, our home for the week.

Then we got on the IZZY TRAIN and I'm just runnin' with it. Today, we started at Plantasia, an open-air market plant sale which was very laid back, followed by a walking tour of Izzy's neighborhood, called Elliotborough, a part of Charleston I wouldn't have thought of living in as a young single woman in 1980, but which is up n' coming these days. Some great restaurants, really fun shops, all in the midst of the run down. Here are some images from the day:

Pots just waiting for plants - at "Plantasia"

An industrious biker.

Classic slightly shabby clapboard Charleston House with a happy door.

Two Boroughs Larder

OMG - lunch  - Vietnamese lemongrass chicken on the crispiest freshest baguette!

Izzy's place - top floor.

Izzy's Living Room

Izzy wants to start a restaurant here.

And I would like to own this home. I love the stucco.

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  1. It was more likely the FO inspecting the plane - the walk around is required prior to every flight - standard:)