Friday, April 19, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Charleston

I really just couldn't keep up with my blog in Charleston. There was too much to take in and I didn't want to miss a moment. Not with Isabelle, not with Tami, not with the delirious beauty of the place.

Even though I am now "home" at 510 and perfectly happy to be here, I have realized that there is a part of me that never fully left Charleston (when I left in 1985.) After this trip, I am convinced it is the most beautiful city in America. Well, okay - I know everybody has a different sense of beauty. Fine. No argument there. If you like mountains, this ain't it. But, I'll let you just take a peek from my final days and see what you think. Both Lee and I had such a great time, we'll be back - and soon.

I'll have a couple more posts on favorite spots in Charleston! I'm not ready to give it up. :-)

Our cozy little carriage house. Circa 1840.

The piazzas of the main house. Excuse me. Isn't this a good idea for wherever you live?

The garden on Society Street - tended by my dear friend (with a wee bit of help!)

Door to Carriage house.

Unity Church cemetery - a perfectly shabby secret garden.

Looking into a side garden on King Street.

Window boxes in the morning on Tradd Street. 

One of the large homes on lower King.

Beautiful Charleston home - a home that is 2 rooms wide is always impressive here.
Most were "single" houses - one room wide. This is because the owner was taxed on frontage. 

Joseph Manigault House circa 1803. From entry looking up. Chandelier is  not electrified - as original.
Can you imagine how beautiful to enter this space with candlelight?

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