Sunday, April 21, 2013

Now that I'm home...

With dazzling brilliance, I planned three days to myself after returning from Charleston! Hi-de-ho how smart am I?! The only way to ease back into the dreary state of weather affairs here is slowly. So, that's what I've done. But feeling renewed (as I often do after a wonderful holiday) I have lots of good energy to rev up my work, our apartment, my writing and maybe even get some much needed exercise. Lee and I laughed a lot at dinner last night too.

I still have a few images I have to share and one, yes, one stands out among them all. So, stick with me here and you'll get the reward at the end.

On the final night in Chas-town, Isabelle took Wilton and I to dinner at a down and dirty shrimp place on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant (this is just across that glorious new bridge that looks like a ship's sails.) This is particularly generous of her because she couldn't eat a thing on the menu except the boiled peanuts and the Key lime pie, which was gone but for a bite by the time I returned from a quick phone call to Lee. My measly little taste was divine. I HAD to have fried shrimp before I left Charleston.

So we went to a place I'd never been - called, appropriately, The Wreck, sitting right at the beginning of a dock on Shem creek (which is off the bay, which is off the ocean...) If in Charleston, you should put this place on your list! Here are images....Don't stop before the end!

Perfectly named, The Wreck in Mt. Pleasant, SC

View from my seat

Another view from my seat - Wilton and Isabelle.

Shem Creek as the sun sets.

The amazing fresh fried shrimp dinner - served on a paper plate.

I want a plastic tub wine cooler like this!

And the crazy ass memory of the week is:  TA DAAAAA......

Some guy paddle boarding Shem Creek with 4 Chihuahuas (or other very small dogs!)
Cheers, Charleston.

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