Friday, March 25, 2011

Buon Appetito!

Now that we’ve found our way around a bit (and I do mean a bit. Rome is mind-numbingly convoluted!) we are buying produce at Campo Di Fiori. I have heard from Romans – "it is good / it is not so good." But, we find it much preferable to the mostly unpleasant supermercato with grumpy employees. Besides, eating out is expensive with the exchange rate - 70 euro for most of our dinners – over $100 with the exchange. I get sick of spending that every night – especially when the food is just okay, but not great. I am still looking for anything as good as Lucia’s petite tenderloin or Broder’s pasta, meatballs and sugo – honestly! The bread is mostly horrible and dry so we don’t even eat it. We’ve had one good serving of bread the whole trip. But that is it. UNO!

So, we have taken to these lovely simple meals at the apartment – whatever looks good at the market we pick up, then stop at the salumeria for a nice salami and some divine gorgonzola dolce and it is a meal! Well, with wine, of course.

BTW – my husband is drinking wine with me! He’s a tried and true gin and tonic guy and hasn’t had one since we arrived – preferring to do as the Romans do (though this is very unusual for him – flexibility around his drink of choice and access to plain yellow mustard is generally non-negotiable.) It is great to buy our bottle of wine daily for the evening. We have not had one bad bottle of wine! It is all delicious!

So here is one of our lunches – the freshest asparagus with oil from our host’s olive groves in Tuscany, unusually fresh eggs (notice how yellow the yoke is, and a salad of crisp rucula with pear, pine nuts and parmeggiano.

Here is what we’ve learned about Italy so far (and a couple more images from meals in the apartment)

Last time we were in Italy, we decided to adopt the Italian stovetop espresso pot. We’ve never gone back. Don’t even own an electric coffee pot.

This trip? I am switching to only the best olive oils for salads. (Cooking – not to worry – I buy Broder’s, which is very good for that.) But for salads – I’m spoiled rotten now! I am ordering some oils from here and having them shipped. Let me know if you’d like some! The prices are very cheap compared to the states.

Buon appetito!


  1. Oh, yum!!! These photos are lovely. You are making me hungry, but I wouldn't want a $100 meal every night, either! yow. Very interesting new (grape) leaf you have turned over, Lee! Just don't turn over any fig leafs while you are there.

  2. Drooling! I love reading about your Italian day we will be traipsing through Rome together. xoa

  3. Bellissimo!
    I'd love to take you up on your offer for Olive Oil. You know what I'd love even more? The pizza I'm seeing from Pizza Zaza. Must have!