Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last Night's Stroll after Dinner

19 marzo 2011

Dear Mayors of the US,

Please build more fountains where people can gather.

Lee and Alecia Stevens

At the Trevi Fountain

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  1. lee and alecia,
    first of all - i'm completely jealous of this trip you are on. enjoying all the beautiful updates every day!
    and second - my husband has traveled a LOT during his years of touring and that's one of the things he has always remarked on. that basically in everywhere that is NOT the u.s., there are amazing public parks, plazas, fountains, etc where people can hang out... EVEN AT NIGHT. but here - try going to a park anywhere in america after dark and you end up with a curfew violation ticket! it's so bunk. there is basically nowhere (other than private property) here in cleveland where we can go, after dark, to sit by the lake legally.
    stupid america!
    keep having fun,
    xxo, phoebe