Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ciao - we made it to Roma.

A little hung over from lack of sleep, but I'm committed to staying up through dinner tonight so that I will sleep a normal night and awake on Roman time. I don't want to miss a day sleeping through it.

Here is a photo of our so darn cute Italian pilots from Amsterdam. Have you ever seen a pilot with a scarf tossed around his neck!

Arrived about 3 this afternoon (Rome time.) Our beautiful and charming hosts greeted us (Alessandro owns this apartment - building in the center of the old city - 1 block from the Pantheon. He lives in one of the apartments and rents the other to guests if you are looking for a rental in Rome.) We are so excited to spend a couple of days with them before they go to Cuba on Friday. here is an early snapshot of our apartment. Bigger than ours in NY, just beautiful beamed ceiling, terrazzo tile floors, of course stucco walls and casement windows open to the night air.

Then they immediately took us to get a snack as I was famished. ("Ho fame" in Italian.) They treated us to pizza made from local organic products and dough that rises 60 hours! (Really?!)Lee had squash and pancetta. I had a traditional tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella. YIKES! No carb counting for me this month. Across the street, we had a macchiato from a bar called Eustachio - my Italian tutor from Rome told me it is the best in the city! I could't believe it was there staring me in the face across from the pizza. So I had to have one! Divine.

A little walk around the neighborhood and then back to the apartment to unpack and do my best to kill 2 hours before dinner. I will not fall asleep. I will not fall asleep. I will go have another Eustachio macchiato.

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